Photos by Tim Trench.
Tim Trench Safaris operates exceptional safaris, all designed by Tim and organized by Caroline. Drawing on our 30+ years of combined first-hand experience of running first class safaris, we work closely with your family or private group to tailor an itinerary that will ensure your trip is not just a great holiday, but an adventure of a lifetime.

Our aim when designing an itinerary is to maximize the diversity of our guests’ experience, while maintaining its quality. Fortunately, Kenya offers enormous variety, and our safaris usually visit several destinations, each very different from the others. Different destinations can also offer very different opportunities; from day and night game drives, to walking, riding, and flying, as well as authentic cultural experiences..

A hallmark of our safaris is that they visit wild, out of the way destinations, unspoiled by mass tourism, and stay in small, personal, boutique camps and lodges that embrace our own philosophy of low volume/high quality. We prefer our safaris to be accompanied by Tim, or one of our other specialist private guides; a select group who are at the very top of their profession.