Photos by Tim Trench.
We have been very fortunate over the years to have hosted the most wonderful families and small groups of friends, from all over the world. All these people (so far!) have become life long friends, and wonderful ambassadors for our safaris. With their help we sell our safaris entirely through personal recommendation, and we prefer to organize safaris directly with you rather than through an intermediary; this saves costs, and ensures we can create the ideal itinerary for you.

Our guest book is a wonderful collection of sketches, anecdotes and memories, many entries running to several pages. They are for us to enjoy revisiting from time to time, and not really internet material. However, here are a few extracts from the last 12 months, to give you a taste of the wonder of safari…

“Aardvark, python catching a tommie, lion cubs (several), hyena pups, young cheetah, quarreling hippos, trotting warthogs, leaping antelope, and so much more. How could it have been better? Only with outstanding personnel of course! We cannot imagine a better team than Tim and his boys! The level of professionalism and breadth and depth of Tim’s knowledge made our safari experience sans pareil. There is no doubt that we will be back.”

“Tim, The trip of a lifetime for our family. It was an amazing experience – the animals, birds, insects, & culture, but mostly the “Tim Trench Safaris” staff who do an incredible job and made every day special. It was so nice to see Caroline & the boys – a beautiful family. We cannot tell you how much we enjoyed our time with you – can’t imagine anyone else making every day so much fun, full of surprises, and so special. Africa will be in our hearts thanks to you.”

“Tim, words cant describe what an amazing trip this has been – all thanks to you! Your energy and enthusiasm made every day exciting and we all learned so much (except maybe mom). We will never forget all the wonderful days, the animals and people – everything was perfect.”

“Tim, thank you for such an amazing & enriching experience. Everything was so exciting and different, and made all the more special by all your sneaky surprises and good humour. Loved meeting your family, and looking forward to an Oliver Trench safari some day – I can only imagine how entertaining that will be! All or your staff are so great and everyone we met contributed to a wonderful impression of Kenya and a fantastic safari. Can’t wait for round 2 next year!”

“A trip of a lifetime that our family was so lucky to share with such a wonderful, knowledgeable, witty, capable (there must be so many more descriptive adjectives!) host! We loved every moment of our amazing trip – including the many surprises carefully designed to make everyone so thrilled and to show off this gorgeous country. Caroline, thank you for making this a Christmas we will never forget – every detail was perfect. What can I say but thank you Tim for giving 100% of yourself every day!”

“The trip of a lifetime” was only a splash of words on a page until you made it a reality for us. We laughed until we cried, lived every single moment to the fullest and left nothing on our wish list behind. Tim, your knowledge is astonishing and Gabriel has eyes like a hawk. What a pair!”