Photos by Tim Trench.
Tim Trench Safaris is a small, personal company, owned and operated by Tim & Caroline Trench, with guest appearances from their sons, Oliver and Lorien.

Tim was born and brought up in Kenya, a 4th generation resident, and while he was educated in the UK, Kenya was always his home. Tim started running safaris in 1995, and is considered one of Kenya’s best and most experienced guides, as well as a pretty good photographer.

Caroline was born in the much wilder north of England, but seeking a quieter life (and good snow) she moved to Canada in her early 20’s. The two met in Whistler, BC, in 2001, and Caroline joined Tim in Kenya soon after.

Though Tim had been running safaris for some time, with the arrival of Caroline, the perfect team was formed, and the company really took off. While the company has gone through several metamorphoses, the constant thread through it all has been low volume, high quality safaris, always personal, always organized by Caroline and always designed by Tim.

In December 2012 Tim, Caroline & the boys decided to relocate from Kenya to Whistler, BC, Canada. Based from this idyllic mountain town they continue to plan and run bespoke safaris – and Tim continues to guide small private groups throughout East and Southern Africa.